Cloud, Data, and Software Engineering

Fully Managed AWS accounts

You run BioWorkstation, BioCluster, and BioWorkflow in a new or existing AWS account. Many researchers do not have cloud engineering expertise in-house, so we offer a fully managed option where we will bring up your AWS Account, provide 1:1 cloud training to 2 team members, and support your team, similar to an in-house Cloud Center of Excellence at a larger company.

Parallel and High Throughput Custom Software Pipelines

Develop from scratch or port your custom proteomics data pipelines to the BioCluster and the BioWorkflow workflow platforms. Parallelize to 10s to 1000+ compute cores or harness cloud GPU or cloud FPGA.

Integrate with your existing or on-premise infrastructure

Customize the Bioworkflow or Biocluster platforms to integrate with your existing development tools and flows.

Monetize your algorithms and data sets

integrate your algorithms into genomics platforms such as Illuminas BaseSpace.

Custom Data Portals and Dashboards

Build custom data platform and web application portals that lets you share data with your partners and customers easily.