AWS Solution Architecture, Data Engineering, and Custom Software Development

  • Containerized, Serverless and Auto-scaling EC2 Applications

    We have worked on client solutions running in production with the three predominant AWS application architectures: I) Elastic Load Balancer backed EC2 microservices II) Containerized microservices orchestrated on ECS/Fargate/EKS. We have also worked with multi-tenant corporate PaaS (Platform as a service) with a continuously updated reference architecture. III) Serverless applications using AWS SAM and the Serverless Framework.

  • Data Engineering

    We have built scaled out simulation infrastructure on EC2 for backtesting quantative trading strategies on wire captured L2 futures data for a Chicago based market making firm. We have also built custom data pipelines using the pydata ecosystem (pandas, numpy, arrow) at another client. We can rapidly build custom solutions using task scheduling engines like dask, and workflow orchestration tools such as airflow, prefect, kubeflow.

  • Cloud Migration and Builds

    We have successfully migrated complex on-premise systems to AWS, including VPN, VPC, routing, and scaled out on on-demand and spot EC2 instances. For a separate client, Infrastructure as Code using Cloudformation templates on multi-stack deployments, using Puppet for configuration.

  • Devops, Automation, and Continuous Integration/Deployment

    We use AWS CodePipeline/CodeBuild/Deploy or Jenkins to minimize the time between a code commit and the time its available in production, tested. In addition, we released a dockerized Continuous Integration tool for automated mobile app testing on AWS Device Farm. We automate tasks to reduce human error in critical systems, and implement monitoring and alerting for post release operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AWS Cloud and why is it taking over the world?

Amazon Web Services offers a suite of managed application infrastructure services that let you scale operationally with compliance and security built-in. These building blocks allow you to rapidly build applications and solutions with enterprise grade reliability and internet scale. Services include content delivery, build pipelines, managed databases, scalable durable storage, and highly available backends multiplexed across redundant, isolated, datacenters.

New services and features get released every month. We compiled a list of new AWS features released in just the month of Jan 2019. You can subscribe to our newsletter for quarterly update on AWS offerings here

What is the background of the team?

We have project experience with AWS product development, solutions and infrastructure migration, but we come from a financial markets background -- where uptime and latency are the key operational metrics, and the cost of operational errors can be enormous.

We have prior experience building complex systems for financial markets participants that account for a material percentage of global daily volumes, including banks such as Goldman Sachs and prop trading and algorithmic trading firms such as DeepValue (an algo execution firm that often executed > 10% of NYSE large cap volumes towards the close).

What is your engagement model?

We undertake i) fixed fee tasks and projects billed on delivery milestones ii) "time and materials" projects billed by the hour/day and iii) We also offer confidential one on one executive level AWS training and strategy consulting

AWS Development, Solution Architecture and Short Term Consulting

Get next-day AWS Cloud expertise for solution development or for time consuming bugs and infrastructure issues.

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