Debugging, Diagnosis, and Unblocking as a Service

  • A single blocking bug can block your team for days and throw your schedule into disarray.

    We help technology teams increase developer velocity and productivity by owning and resolving unscheduled bugs and issues, so the dev team can focus on delivering an awesome product.

  • Engagement model

    Get in touch with a brief overview of the problem. If it is our tech stack (open source, infrastructure, concurrency, web tech) we can either reproduce your environment in the cloud or remote in to your machines.

United Kingdom

Hawkr strive to always communicate in a 'no nonsense', straightforward manner refraining from unnecessarily technical language and complicated jargon.

When we work together you can expect friendly, knowledgeable and timely support from the initial setup right through to platform training and the final handover.


Automobile trading is a traditional industry which takes place mostly in the offline space with minimal computerised aid. We believe that through advanced technology, automobile trading and surrounding activities can be exercised almost entirely online.

AutoReTech group, develops, acquires and invests in advanced automobile trade and trade management technologies.

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